Tips for Removing Stains based on the Type of Stain and Rug

Cotton Rugs and Synthetic Rugs:

Stain: Mud
Dry well and vacuum
Stain: Egg
Do not use hot water. Clean with a mixture of ammonia and water or a mixture of alcohol and water.
Stain: Created by an Animal
Clean immediately with a cloth soaked in diluted ammonia (ammonia-water ratio 1:20)/ Absorb the remaining mixture with a clean cloth or sponge.
Stain: Ink
Fresh stains must be absorbed with absorbent paper. Then soak a clean cloth in fresh milk and leave it on the stain for several minutes. Later, wash the site with hot water and dry it by sprinkling corn flour or oatmeal on the site of the stain. Old ink stains can be removed by wetting the site and gently rubbing the stain with a lump of citric acid. Repeat the process until the stain disappears and then wash with clean water.
Stain: Blood
Wet the site with lukewarm water and dry immediately with a cloth or sponge.
Stain: Mercuric substances
Particularly difficult to clean. Dry cleaning is recommended.
Stain: Vinegar, Lemon and Other Acids
Immediately absorb with an ammoniac solution (ammoniac-water ration 1:4)
Stain: Battery Acid
Immediately neutralize the site with a compound of boron and hydrogen peroxide to clean and wait until the stain completely disappears. Before cleaning, place a piece of litmus paper over the stain in order to ensure that the stain was caused by acid. If the paper changes color, the substance is acid – see information in the section on Vinegar, Lemon and Other Acid Stains.
Stain: Rust
Use rust removers and follow the instructions listed on the package.
Stain: Iodine
Place alcohol on the site and then clean with a cloth that was dampened with lukewarm water and soapsuds. Finally, wash with clean water.
Stain:  Dirt
Brush the stain thoroughly with a soft brush. Soak the site with lukewarm suds and wash thoroughly with clean water.
Stain: Alcoholic Beverages
Slightly dampen the site of the stain with hot water and 90% alcohol. Red wine stands can be removed using a cloth soaked in white wine.
Stain: Candy
Gently remove with hot water.
Stain: Grass
Wet the site with tartar sauce and rub. When the site is completely dry, remove the remaining stain with a cloth soaked in alcohol.
Stain: Fruits
Clean with a damp sponge that is soaked in a mixture of white vinegar or lemon juice and ammonia, in a ration of 1:3
Stain: Paint
Fresh stains can be removed by rubbing with a wet cloth soaked in turpentine. If the stain is dry, the site can be gently scraped. The remaining stain can then be dampened with Vaseline. Continue with the same method used for cleaning fresh paint.
Stain: Coffee
Wet the site with lukewarm water and dry immediately with a cloth or sponge.
Stain: Oil
Place an absorbent paper on the stain and on it a piece of cloth, iron them and clean with alcohol, or spray Fuller's earth on the stain site. When the oil is absorbed in the material, brush with a soft brush.
Stain: Chocolate
Pour Borax (sodium salt on of boric acid used as cleaning product) on the site, leave for 15 minutes and clean with a cloth soaked in cold water. When the site is dry, remove the material by brushing with a clothes brush.
Stain: Makeup and Perfume
Clean with alcohol

Wool Rugs
Caution: stains in wool rugs are very difficult to clean 24 hours after they form. No action should be taken on dirt that stains a wool rug due to the rug's sensitivity.


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