Quick 'n Brite

Universal Cleaning and Stain Removal
Quick 'n Brite is an organic, multipurpose, nontoxic cleaning product with amazing cleaning capacity.

Quick 'n Brite cleans:
Rugs, upholstery, plastic, fiberglass, PVC, rubber, marble, ceramics, bathtubs, floors, stainless steel, chrome, aluminum, sky, natural wood, furniture, garden and terrace furniture, ovens, cars, boats, pools…in fact – everything!

Quick 'n Brite's unique properties include:
Not harmful, user- and environmentally-friendly, amazingly easy and efficient while also proving to be an economic and financial savings – these properties have made Quick n Brite the most popular cleaning product in the United States and the world. Now you can also enjoy this product in Israel!

Net Weight: 1 kg
Price: NIS 89 with every order for rug cleaning.
Purchases made through the site.
Quick n Brite
Quick n Brite
Carpet Cleaning
Business Customers
Carpet Repair
Upholstery Cleaning
Ways threshold
Leather Cleaning
Curtains Cleaning
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