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Modern Upholstering Method - Sponge

The vast offering of upholstery fabric currently available allows customers to redesign the look of their furniture as well as reinforce and repair the furniture, replace bands, sponges, acryline filling and, of course, the upholstery fabric. Eini Brothers  employs a professional upholstering team that is capable of preserving any antique and treasured piece of furniture, and transform it into a uniquely styled item that contributes to the home's interior design.

Antique Furniture Restoration

Antique furniture can be upholstered and restored based on the original features. After stripping the fabric from the piece of furniture, the body of the entire piece is renewed, a process that include reinforcing the wood, painting it in polythera or lacquer, replacing old springs, bands, sponges, acryline filling and, of course, the upholstery fabric
Modern Upholstering Method - Sponge
Antique Furniture Restoration
Reality check: What are the most highly-contaminated places in hospitals?

A study of samples collected from dozens of curtains in hospital wards at hospitals in the US revealed that the curtains were infested by unbelievable numbers of colonies of aggressive germs, some of which were resistant to antibiotics.

Published in YNET on 25.09.11

So how to survive this?
In the last few decades, cleaning curtains has become a very complicated task, much more so than before when the curtains could just be put into the washing machine or, even better, sent to the dry cleaners. The choice of modern drapery fabrics and styles now requires the use of advanced professional equipment and experience. Periodic cleaning of curtains is important both in terms of the homeowners' or office staff's health but also with respect to the curtain's life span as well as its aesthetic aspect.

Curtains tend to collect tremendous amounts of dust as they are used to filter the air in the room in which they are hung. Failure to remove this dust regularly allows for the development of dust mites and other organisms which significantly weaken the cloth. Moreover, exposure to light, and particularly sunlight, is detrimental to the curtain fabric and causes visibly faded areas in the color.

Weaknesses in the fabric and color fading or burning can only be seen after cleaning as loose fibers are washed away in the process and color alteration is revealed once the outer layer of dust and dirt is removed.

In recent years, Eini Bros. have developed a unique method for the vertical cleaning of curtains. This method offers significant advantages in terms of time and cost, prevents shrinkage and wrinkles in the fabric and is done without removing the connectors in the curtain (pins, electric engine, etc.)

Additionally, with the rise in environmental awareness and use of ecologically-friendly products, Eini Bros. has been using ecological and environmentally-friendly cleaning methods for several years. It is well known that the use of such methods significantly reduces the risk of allergy and skin irritation caused by sensitivity to the petrochemicals and synthetic scents found in many cleaning products. Cleaning is done at low temperature, which assists in maintaining the quality of the fabric. Our bio-degradable, water- and mineral-based detergents easily dissolve in nature with no contamination of water sources and are not tested on animals.

Eini Bros.' satisfied clients include the President's Home, the Knesset, the US embassy, Amdocs, schools, hotels and many others.

Eini Bros. handles synthetic and natural fabric curtains, including cotton, linen and silk. Synthetic materials undergo wet cleaning and manual stain removal. We also provide ironing and folding services. It is important to know that curtains of all types inevitably tend to shrink about 10-15% during the cleaning process. Our services include taking down and hanging curtains in your home.

After processing the order for curtain cleaning, a representative from our company arrives at the customer's house, takes down the curtains and takes them to the factory. There, the curtains undergo fabric diagnosis and only then does wet or dry cleaning take place based on this diagnosis. Upon finalizing the cleaning process, the curtains are inspected by our quality control department where our experts ensure that they have been properly cleaned before authorizing the ironing phase. Following this process, the curtains are returned to the customer by our service center.

At Eini Bros. we use Wet Clean and Gentle Clean methods. These cleaning methods do not harm the fibers and are considered environmentally-friendly.

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