Crystals that Repel Moths and Ants

Eini Bros. markets moth-repellent crystals for use in closets, with the longest active life of any other type of crystal available in Israel.

We recommend that carpets not be stored in nylon wrapping over long periods. The carpets must also be unrolled and aired at least every two months.

If carpets are to be stored after cleaning, we recommend storing them in natural, ecological jute cloth which due to its scent and components prevents moths from getting into the carpet and other textiles. Because jute is a natural material it is perishable, so every six months it is recommended to replace the cloth bag in order to refresh the moth-repellent qualities and ensure continuous protection of the carpet.

Our moth-repellent crystals are sold in cloth bags.

Call Eini Bros. today at 1-800-69-69-69 to order a supply of our moth-repellent crystals.
Crystals that Repel Moths and Ants
Crystals that Repel Moths and Ants
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