Cleaning Car Upholstery

Keeping the car clean is without a doubt for your well-being, and easy to do when the car is used by adults. However, when we're talking about a family car with children, it becomes a mission impossible.

Crumbs, stains, wrappers thrown wherever they fall. While crumbs and wrappers can be taken care of easily, stains are another matter. That's the time to call in professionals at cleaning car upholstery. Eini Bros. have years of experience cleaning carpets and upholstery. We provide our customers with professional service based on those years of experience. You can be assured your car is in capable hands.
Cleaning Car Upholstery – A Job for Professionals
Cleaning car upholstery is not a simple task for a number of reasons. First, access to the seats is not simple, and without easy access it's impossible to do a thorough job. Another problem is the cleaning compounds to be used. Because of the structure of a car it's not advisable to use water since the water can't be dried efficiently. On the other hand, foam cleaning causes more problems that it solves. The foam takes care of food stains but leaves stains of its own. There just doesn't seem to be an adept way of cleaning car upholstery by yourself. In light of this, it's recommended to call in the experts.
Clean Upholstery & Selling a Car
Selling a car is not a simple matter and it's no secret that a car that's clean and looks good is easier to sell. For this reason, if you've decided on selling, come to Eini Bros., and we'll see to it that the car seats look new, as if they just came off the assembly line. There's no doubt that after we take care of your car, it'll be in the hands of new owners easily.

Cleaning Car Upholstery for Companies
Many companies operate sizable fleets of vehicles meaning a large maintenance staff. Eini Bros. offers to take the burden of cleaning the car seats from the company. All work is done according to a pre-set timetable to the convenience of the company. This service is most important to bus and transportation companies that come back from tours with stains and "souvenirs". Passengers shouldn't have to endure the leftovers of a previous busload. That's why we recommend cleaning the upholstery thoroughly.

Moreover, customers who use the services of a transportation company shouldn't have to compromise on tidiness and cleanliness. Companies whose seats are not clean may have difficulty finding customers.

Eini Bros. offers their car upholstery cleaning services to private and business customers. The service is of the highest standard and according to a timetable convenient to the customer.
 Price list for car cleaning*:
  • Fabric upholstery – 650NIS (5-seater)
  • Leather upholstery – 1150NIS (5-seater)
  • Doors – 180NIS
  • Floor carpet – 280NIS
  • Mats – 80NIS
  • Roof – 230NIS Trunk – 99NIS
  • Plastic – 180NIS
  • Dashboard – 80NIS

* Attention:
Cleaning car carpets is thorough and is also meant for cars before sale as well as after damage.
  • The final price will be determined by a professional company representative according to the work done
  • Prices refer to cars (5-seater)
  • Station wagons, etc. (7-seater) additional 10%
  • Jeeps fabric upholstery additional 20% - refers to all VIP service
  • Jeeps leather upholstery additional 45% - refers to all VIP service
  • Fabric upholstery (7-seater) 1000NIS
  • Leather upholstery (7-seater) 1350NIS
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