Cleaning Leather and Fabric Living Room Sets

Cleaning Leather and Fabric Living Room Sets
Department of Upholstery, Renovation and Cleaning of Leather and Fabric Living Room Sets
The company's upholstery department specializes in upholstering and renovating living room furniture, movie theater seats, etc. The department employs a team of professional upholsterers who carry out the work, and provide maintenance as well as cleaning services for upholstery fabric, as well as leather cleaning and care.
 The cost of cleaning is based on the type of fabric and the quantity of furniture units. Customers can obtain information by phone and later schedule a visit with a company representative.
The representative examines the furniture and informs the customer regarding the results that can be achieved through cleaning.
Should the furniture contain stubborn stains that cannot be removed, the customer is updated and an accurate fee is set for cleaning.
In addition, a date is scheduled for the arrival of the cleaning crew, which is equipped with the finest equipment and machines in the world. Cleaning takes approximately two hours.

The type of cleaning selected is based on the type of fabric used to upholster the furniture. Afterwards, a 24-hour drying period is required. The furniture will then be ready for use.
In a leather upholstered set, after the visit by the company representative in the customer's home, a date is scheduled to deliver the furniture to the company factory. The leather cleaning and processing takes about a week, with the cleaning methods based on knowledge acquired in Italy, and materials that are imported from that country.
Types of Fabric
Eini Brothers cleans both synthetic and natural fabrics, such as cotton, linen and silk.

Fabric Cleaning Processes
• Application of the cleaning material during scrubbing and brushing with a brush that is suitable for the type of fabric and level of dirt.
• Application of the cleaning material by injecting it directly into the fabric
• Application of the cleaning material through dry foam dispersal
After carrying out one of these three actions, the cleaning material, as well as the dirt absorbed in the fabric, is vacuumed and suctioned, leaving the fabric damp.
Stain Removal
Stain removal is carried out after the type of stain has been determined, with the use of a manual stain removal kit.

Other Treatments
• Fabric softening
• Treating the yellowing of light colored fabrics
• Bleaching
• Teflon treatment – addition of a shroud that protects the fabric from liquid spills and stains.
Types of Leather
The Eini Brothers  specialize in cleaning Napa leather, Suede, Nubuk and Saddle

Leather Cleaning Processes
• Cleaning of Napa leather – in most cases, cleaning takes place in the customer's home,  and combines the use of equipment and manual labor adapted to the type of leather, as  well as oiling and softening the leather at the end of the process.

In addition, the company specializes in cleaning and restoring leather clothing.
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