Carpet Restoration


Eini Bros. retain a special department of professionals for the restoration of rugs and carpets suffering from the damages of fire and water. Eini Bros. restore carpets for the business and private sectors, all types of wall-to-wall carpets that have been damaged by flooding or fire and smoke, in private homes and businesses such as institutions, government offices, high-tech companies, banquet halls, restaurants, hotels, banks, etc.



Part of the restoration service is the installation of dehumidifiers to dry moisture absorbed by textile fibers, as well as to neutralize odors and mold characteristic of carpets that have been left in water.



In addition to wall-to-wall carpets, Eini Bros. restore rugs and carpets, curtains and clothing, as well as renewing fabric and leather upholstered furniture damaged by fire and water. The service includes cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing, laundry service for clothing, as well as restoration of curtains and leather garments.


The restoration is done using powerful water pumps, dehumidifiers and double injection scrubbers for carpets and upholstery. If possible carpets are transported, as in carpet cleaning. A company representative takes the damaged carpet and returns it to the owners after restoration.

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Carpet Restoration
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